Welcome to a new vision for water

Sustainable H2O technology is the solution for cost-effective, sustainable water treatment and desalination so desperately needed by the world today. No chemicals are used, minimal energy is required, zero carbon footprint is added, and our yield can be boiler-offsetting pure steam. For industry and governments, this technology is spectacular triple-bottom-line. For humanitarian purposes, it is miraculous.

Zero Carbon Footprint Water Treatment and Desalination

We treat water exceptionally well.

The Global Solution for Sustainable Water

Sustainable H<sub>2</sub>O Technology


99% Liquid Separation Efficiency
No Chemicals or Membranes
Zero added Carbon Footprint
Minimum Energy Consumption
300°F (average) Process Temperature
Costs a Fraction of Current “Best Practices”

Sustainable H<sub>2</sub>O Industry Applications

Industry Applications

Food & Beverage Industry
Oil & Gas / Tailings Industries
Disaster Relief
Humanitarian Needs
Hotel & Tourism

Triple Bottom Line

Bettering our Planet, People and Profits are the essence of Sustainable H2O. Caring today
makes for a greater tomorrow.

“A framework to evaluate performance in a broader perspective to create greater business value.”


Bettering our Planet, People and Profits