The Sustainable H<sub>2</sub>O Staff

Advisory Board

Derek Bandeen

Derek was the global head of equities at Citigroup in London, managing all sales, trading, and structuring of equities and equity-related products. Derek also served as head of Morgan Stanley’s European Equity Division and was the European head of Equity Trading.  Among numerous awards, he is the 2018 Harvard Advanced  Leadership  Institute  Fellow.  Now  retired, Derek  focuses  on  humanitarian  efforts  through  hands-on activities with multiple philanthropic entities.

Harry DeLonge

Harry has forgotten more about beverage wastewater treatment than most hope to learn in a lifetime.  He is Past-President of the International Society of Beverage Technologists, and retired from Pepsi-Cola International after 40+ years of service (last two assignments as VP of Technical Services and VP of Manufacturing Technology with responsibilities encompassing over 300 beverage plants). He has consulted for clients including Aqua-Chem, Evoqua Water Technologies, Keurig Green Mountain, Inc., Cadbury Schweppes, Aquatech International, PepsiCo Inc., Pepsi Beverage Company, Coca-Cola, and others. He completed and published the latest manufacturing manual for Cadbury Schweppes, and also wrote both the Pepsi-Cola International Production Manual, and Pepsi’s “Guidelines for Selecting Wastewater Treatment Technology”. Harry is the inventor of the Siemens Heat Optimized Technology for carbon towers currently installed in a number of plants (Coca-Cola, Minute Maid, Cott Beverages, Anheuser-Busch, etc.).  Well published in these areas and in other food and beverage technologies, he was awarded a number of US and International patents in the fields of water treatment, wastewater treatment technology and with water reclamation systems. 

Arturo Estopinan

Art joins Sustainable H2O with 27 years of experience in the U.S. Congress as the former Chief of Staff and Official Spokesperson for former US Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (representing Miami, FL), as well as the Sr. Level International and Public Affairs Chief for Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen when she was Chairman Emeritus for the United States House Foreign Affairs Committee.  Art has in-depth understanding of economic and political infrastructures, including legislative, administrative, and lobbying processes, policies and procedures with strong ties to both major political parties across multiple government departments.  Given the prominence of the Congresswoman, and Art’s role for her, Art additionally brings significant government and private-sector contacts within Latin America (and beyond) to the Company.

Adam Goldstein

Adam spent the majority of  his  career  in  leadership  roles  with  international  cruise shipping giant Royal Caribbean Group (RCG). He joined RCG in 1988 as Vice President & Corporate Secretary and subsequently served in numerous senior leadership roles, which included oversight for market development and international sales and marketing. As President & CEO of the Royal Caribbean International brand, Mr. Goldstein was a key driver of the organization’s global expansion. Mr. Goldstein currently serves on the Board of Trustees of INSEAD,  and  on  the  Energy  Security  Leadership  Council,  a  leadership  affiliate  of  Securing  America’s  Future Energy (SAFE) in Washington DC. Mr. Goldstein graduated with honors from Princeton University, earned his law degree from Harvard University, and an MBA with distinction from INSEAD.

Lou Imbrogno

Lou’s career was in manufacturing and research & development.  As Pepsi’s Senior VP of Worldwide Technical Operations, he reported directly to the heads of Pepsi-Cola North America and PepsiCo Beverages International.  Lou was responsible for Pepsi-Cola’s worldwide  beverage quality,  R&D,  and contract manufacturing. He oversaw the companies’ worldwide concentrate manufacturing operations, with responsibility for the R&D organization, driving innovation within Pepsi’s beverage portfolio and ensuring product quality from raw materials to finished beverage.

Willard McAndrew

Will has been an Officer and Director of a NASDAQ listed company.  He has 43 years of experience in the oil and gas industry from field operations to refining to management, service President and owner of several companies involved in all phases of the oil and gas business including prospect acquisitions, and drilling and/or recompleting hundreds of wells. He has acted as strategic consultant to both private and public companies and was responsible for the structure, formation, funding and marketing of partnerships and joint-venture oil and gas financings. He proudly served in the United States Marine Corps. Financial Projections Changing the world can be profitable.  With so many industry applications available as possible revenue sources globally, it was difficult to accurately project a likely scenario with incoming sales from multiple industries, such as desalination, oil & gas, food & beverage, mining / tailings, municipal wastewater, etc.  And as noted earlier, we do not want to go to market expecting to serve so many industries at first.

Peter Swanson

Peter is our launch strategy guru.  In 2010, Peter retired as Vice President, General Manager Global Exports Pepsi Americas after 40+ years in both the domestic and international Liquid Refreshment Beverage (LRB) industry. Over this period, he has served the LRB market sector as President, Vice President, and General Manager with hands on operating experience in sales, finance, marketing development, logistics efficiency and overall brand building as his professional mantra.  For the past  10 years  Peter has been the CEO, founder and principle director for Compass International Consulting  LLC, a fast moving consumer product goods (FMCPG) consulting firm specializing in new business start-up procedures, strategic planning, venture capital investment, acquisition due diligence, technology implementation and full functional direct store door delivery operating systems improvement for numerous consumer product goods companies and independent beverage bottlers/distributors.  Over the past 40+ years he has lived and worked in 6 international markets including Japan, the Philippines, Hong Kong, the Czech Republic and Puerto Rico, with viable hands-on experience in over 45 international markets. He has run businesses in excess of $200 million US dollars (President of Pepsi Puerto Rico) and has had specific focus on creating long term sustainable enterprise profitability.