Sustainable H<sub>2</sub>O Applications for Industry

Industry Applications

Food & Beverage Industry
Oil & Gas / Tailings Industries
Disaster Relief
Humanitarian Needs

Hotel & Tourism

Desalination Currently, Reverse Osmosis (“RO”) is best practice. RO plants are not cost-efficient, high yield or environmentally sensitive. RO purified water yield can be in the 55% to 75% range, resulting in significant wastewater. Our technology has a 99% purified water extraction rate, with 99% reductions in boron, chloride, magnesium and sodium, utilizing no chemicals or membranes, at a fraction of the operating cost and a fraction of the energy typically required by (the soon-to-be former) “best practice”.

Food & Beverage Industry – F&B companies have water issues on the front and back end of their process. A soda in California must taste exactly like that brand in Florida, yet they have different sources of feed water. Sustainable H2O can purify their water for less than current costs with no chemicals or membranes, and the yield is distilled water, allowing for a complete circle of sustainability (allowing 99% of treated water recycling into any of a number of key industry processes). One particular F&B application is steam cleaning carbon towers; at the temperatures we operate, say goodbye to trihalomethanes.

Pharmaceuticals – The pharma industry has similar challenges to the F&B industry, with water purification / treatment needs on both front and back-end processes. They too have carbon towers that we can easily handle.

Semiconductors – This industry needs pure distilled water to make their product; even a small amount of contaminated water can lead to the need to discard entire batches. Our technology can provide pure water needed for production in a single pass, thus providing much more efficient and cost-effective solutions to their current practices. As we can process almost any liquid, we can provide Silicon Valley the opportunity to use the Pacific Ocean as their feedstock.

Oil & Gas / Tailings Industries – O&G exploration relies heavily on hydraulic fracturing. Frack flowback is extremely toxic and poses multiple environmental issues. Our technology can “clean” frack flowback at the well head, eliminating the expensive disposal and hauling of toxic wastewater while recuperating rare earth minerals currently being disposed of daily. For tailings / mineral mining, the industry requires significant water to operate, pollutes that water, and knowingly throws away the baby (their gold, silver, copper, etc.) with their dirty bathwater. We can give them back 99% of the bathwater for reuse in the mining, plus return the minerals otherwise being given to the tailings contractors.

Disaster Relief – Hurricanes and earthquakes can wipe out electricity and leave massive flooding, resulting in water contamination within 48 hours. Sustainable H2O Mobile Units can purify on site, killing bacteria and quickly returning potable water to affected citizens desperately in need of clean water.

Humanitarian Needs – Some 3.6 million people die each year from water-related disease. By 2025, it is estimated that half of the world’s population will be living in water-stressed areas. We can make an immediate impact – desalinating and cleaning wastewater, requiring minimal energy at a fraction of the cost in a fraction of the time of current best practices. Sustainable H2O can make a difference immediately upon launch.

Hotel & Tourism –  Our technology can help hotels and resorts go “off grid” with respect to their water needs (particularly if near an ocean or lake), bringing true sustainability to their operations, while lowering necessary fixed costs.  For cruise ships, our technology takes a fraction of the space used by their RO systems: we could provide a significantly higher liquid separation efficiency, for less cost, while freeing up valuable space on board.